The Science


The power of scenario based training is in providing the ability to overcome the negative effects of the adrenal fear rush that will occur in the stress of an actual assault and even in training. With decades and literally hundreds of thousands of adrenal stress scenarios under our belt, we have learned empirically what real people do under real life stressful situations and how to overcome the common problems that arise.





The Problem

When we humans are threatened, our body autonomically goes in to survival flight/freeze or fight mode. The primitive Amygdala sounds a general alarm, flooding our system with adrenaline and stress hormones which causes us to lose non essential physiological responses that can impede our ability to respond effectively.
We experience:

  • Loss of fine motor control
  • Tunnel vision
  • Auditory exclusion
  • Distorted sense of time
In addition, breathing becomes short and labored, escalating the above effects. The end result is very often a great deal of flailing and even total freeze-up in extreme cases when physical self defense is attempted. Self defense that does not deal with this phenomenon will most likely fail under pressure.



The Solution

Asymmetrical Adrenal Stress Scenario Based training has proven to be the very best and quickest way to overcome the negative effects of the adrenal rush and even to use the power of adrenaline to fight with the ferocity and force necessary to prevail against a real attacker. Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical Symmetrical armored assailant scenario training is where both combatants wear protective armor to spar with one another. Most of the other body armors commercially available are designed for this style of training. Some of them allow pretty hard contact, and there are plenty of effective training systems out there that train this way. But they don't allow full force strikes to the head and groin, and thus are less effective training for a real fight. Another point is that most fights are typically asymmetrical events where the attacker usually has the psychological advantage of surprise and often of physical strength or some equalizer. Since we do as we train, asymmetric training is the best way to train for an asymmetric event. Asymmetrical training is a cutting edge yet largely misunderstood method of training. Students are trained in the desired skillset to be applied in the fight scenario. The padded attacker surprises the trained defender, elicits the high adrenal rush, and the defender dynamically overcomes the freeze response to fight with full power strikes to vulnerable moving targets. The padded attacker plays a unique dual role of both aggressor and coach to provide a dynamic and effective scenario experience by rewarding when a full power strike is thrown. Thus the fight is not so much a test, but the final fusion where the training all comes together very quickly and effectively. This training permits low training time with maximum retention. Any Body Armor used in such training has to allow for absolutely full force strikes to vulnerable areas to allow the safe experience of “flipping the switch” into and out of the adrenal rush, and the muscle memory to hit with maximum power to vulnerable areas. Anything less than full force is actually much less in this case and greatly reduces training effectiveness.